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phum cham yeam, khum paklong, srok mondul seyma, ah123, koh kong, cambodia cambodia Koh Kong ,Kaôh Kŏng ,Kaôh Kŏng ,Cambodia 
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Casino in Cambodia by category

If you are an expert in Poker and you are looking for casinos in Cambodia to place your bets, enter here and we will show you the casinos near this place
Black jack
Today you will get 21! Enter and find out casinos in Cambodia to play Blackjack and many other incredibly funny games
If what you like are games that depend solely on chance, Roulette is the game for you. Enter here and you will see where you can go to play Roulette in Cambodia
Don't miss the chance to win the Bingo prize today! Find at Casinosworldguide all the casinos in Cambodia and take your prize home with you
Slot machine
If you love playing slot machines or slots, take a look at this website. We show you where you can find casinos in Cambodia with this game
Maybe today is your lucky day. Why wouldn't you try? Find casinos in Cambodia to play your favorite game: Baccarat
Texas holdem poker
If you are an enthusiast of card games, you probably already know about Texas Holdem Poker, the most popular version of Poker. Do you want to go play some games of this amusing game in Cambodia? Enter here
Are you ready to bet at Craps? So find a casino in Cambodia with all their contact information and location, as well as the reviews and ratings of other users

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Casino in Cambodia by major city

Phnom Penh
How would you feel if they told you that you will get a fortune today? For this to happen, it is necessary to try your luck! Find a casino in Phnom Penh, city of 1573544 inhabitants in Cambodia.
Are you a lucky player? Then don't spoil this luck if you are in Sihanoukville, fabulous city with 156691 inhabitants in Cambodia. Here we show you where to find one.
On this website we show you all the casinos that can be found in Battambang, (city with 150444 inhabitants, belonging to Cambodia), ordered from best to worst rating by our users.
Siem Reap
If you are in Siem Reap, Cambodia and suddenly felt a tremendous desire to place your bets in a casino in this city of 139458 inhabitants, here you will find everything you need to know about the casinos in this place.
Paôy Pêt
In Paôy Pêt, (Cambodia) you can place your bets at any time at night in a casino in this city of 79000 inhabitants. What are you waiting for? Find out where it is and go try your luck.
Kâmpóng Chhnăng
Here we list all the casinos that can be found in Kâmpóng Chhnăng, city with 75244 inhabitants that belongs to Cambodia. If you already know them, you can leave your comments and ratings about these casinos .

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phum cham yeam, khum paklong, srok mondul seyma, ah123, koh kong, cambodia cambodia Koh Kong ,Kaôh Kŏng ,Kaôh Kŏng ,Cambodia 
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national highway 57, phsar prum, cambodia cambodia Pailin ,Khétt Pailĭn ,Khétt Pailĭn ,Cambodia 
 phone available. 
prey va-moc hoa border au village thmei commune,, cambodia svay rieng province Svay Riĕng ,Svay Riĕng ,Svay Riĕng ,Cambodia 
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10400, krong poi pet, cambodia cambodia Paôy Pêt ,Khétt Bântéay Méan Choăy ,Khétt Bântéay Méan Choăy ,Cambodia 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
krong siem reap 01710, cambodia 01710 Siem Reap ,Khétt Siĕm Réab ,Khétt Siĕm Réab ,Cambodia 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
victory beach, mohavithey krong, district 3, krong preah sihanouk 18000, cambodia 18000 Sihanoukville ,Khétt Preăh Seihânŭ ,Khétt Preăh Seihânŭ ,Cambodia 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
203, krong battambang, cambodia cambodia Battambang ,Khétt Bătdâmbâng ,Khétt Bătdâmbâng ,Cambodia 
 phone available.