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Casino in Paro (Province) Are you looking for a Casino in Paro (Province)? In this guide you will be able to know how many casinos are located in Bhutan, and also find the closest casino to your location.

If you are bored in Paro (Province) (region of Bhutan, a country with approximately 32129 inhabitants), playing games of chance is a great entertainment option. We show you the nearest casinos.

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If suddenly you are curious about playing Poker and you are in Paro (Bhutan), enter here and we will show you all the casinos near this place
Black jack
We are pleased to inform you that in this link you will find the name, address, telephone and much more of the casinos in Paro (Bhutan) that offer Blackjack
If you also love Roulette, enter here and we will show you all the casinos in Paro (Bhutan) so you can choose and go to play whenever you want
Cross out all the numbers of a line or of all your ballot, and take the prize! Find casinos in Paro (Bhutan) to play Bingo
Slot machine
Enter here and we will show you all the casinos that you can find in Paro (Bhutan), so you can play slot machines or other games that you like.
Is Baccarat your favorite game? Come and play it in a casino in Paro (Bhutan). Here we show you all the casinos that you can find near you
Texas holdem poker
There are many different types of Poker, and Texas Holdem Poker is the best known version of this popular game. Play Texas Holdem today inParo (Bhutan)
Today you will make the best bets! Play Craps in Paro (Bhutan) and beat the dealer. We show you the casinos in this place

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 bhutan suites(Located 23.19 Km)
deki lam, thimphu, bhutan bhutan Thimphu ,Thimphu ,Thimphu ,Bhutan 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 tashi gasel lodge(Located 221.73 Km)
post box # 210: eastern bhutan, 3 km, bhutan bhutan Samdrup Jongkhar ,Samdrup Jongkhar ,Samdrup Jongkhar ,Bhutan 
 phone available.